Fire Protection Services in Canberra

Being fire safe is no accident

People who have been involved in fires are always amazed at the speed at which they spread. Being prepared means having a system that is ready to go in an instant. Pyrosolv offers fire protection solutions in Canberra that will ensure that you get everyone out and minimise damage in the unfortunate event of a fire. Call today for more information.


Whether your refurbishing an existing building or starting from scratch, we seek to understand how you use your building and identify any risks. Our experienced staff aim to provide cost-effective solutions so your building is compliant with the latest Australian Standards. Pyrosolv can offer thorough fire system compliance surveys for all types of buildings.


Our technicians are able to carry out installations to make your fire safety a reality. The mark of a good fire protection service is that it is unobtrusive, easy to operate and won't get in the way of your everyday work flow. We will also train your staff in how to operate the system in emergencies. Contact us today to learn more.


Pyrosolv provide specialised maintenance and repairs as part of our fire protection services in Canberra. We will identify faults and make sure that existing systems meet the appropriate Australian Standards requirements.

An evacuation plan as part of our fire inspection services in Canberra